Loseley - Mature Cheddar

This firm bodied British cheddar has the perfect balance of the 19 characteristics of cheddar.

Crafted in our award winning creamery and naturally matured over 10 months to nurture a smooth, caramelised, intense flavour. It’s the perfect way to top off any meal.

Loseley - Mature Cheddar Cheese

Loseley - Extra Mature Cheddar

Loseley - Great Taste Award This superior, British, extra mature cheddar has got the perfect balance of the 19 characteristics of cheddar.

Award winning strong flavour with a distinctive taste and a hint of crumbly nuttiness, it’s the perfect after dinner treat.

Loseley - Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese

The 19 characteristics of cheddar

We believe great tasting cheddar is about the fine and delicate balance of flavours,
from nuttiness with a hint of caramel to sharp and distinctive tastes.

There are 19 characteristics to look out for.

When grading cheese you must ignite your senses whilst measuring the three main tasting notes that make up the perfect cheddar.

The body of distinctive cheddar should always be firm.

A grader will always look for a smooth and well broken down texture which varies with maturity. Milder cheese has a more rubbery texture, while the more mature the cheddar has a more crumbly texture.

The taste of cheddar varies greatly between flavours which can range from rounded and balanced right through to tones that can be savoury and nutty or acidic and sweet. Click here to ignite your senses and find out more about the distinctive characteristics of cheddar.